LITTLE BULPITS Ė was the name of the field that became Compton Court.  Having been born in the village to a farming family, my Aunt Jean, added the name to the address when she bought the property in mid 1970ís.

This name derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "bula", a bull, plus "pytt", a pit or hollow, and was originally given as a topographic name to someone who lived by such a pit where bulls were held for stud purposes.   It therefore seems appropriate to transfer this element of the address to the newly created holiday let.

When the Court was built the original intention was for an extra property at the top of the cul de sac but for some reason this didnít happen, therefore the top two bungalows gained extra large gardens Ė this suited my Aunt as she was a keen but very random gardener and with a particular passion for apples.  I think it was the fact that she ate apples every day that helped her have a long and active life plus cycling everywhere.  Hence the preservation of the apple tree that isnít quite in the right place for the drive and use of her old bike for the name sign.

In her latter years her applestore garage was converted into an annexe with carers living in the main bungalow.  Little Bulpits was originally part of her ongoing care plan but following her death permission was granted to convert to a holiday let.  This has a certain synchronicity as her mother had welcomed paying guests into the family farmhouse (King Stone Farm), many of whom became good friends and are included in the photo collages decorating Little Bulpits.   

Little Bulpits is located at the end of a quiet cul de sac but is adjacent to the main road so there is intermittent traffic noise competing with the birdsong.  Long Compton is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as views from windows testify.  The village is well served by a network of footpaths, including the Macmillan Way which passes through Whichford/Long Compton Wood.  The popular Red Lion Pub and excellent Village Shop are both a pleasant stroll away.